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  • shavings left over from carving a wood block
    Carving a 5ft wood block

Welcome to Market Weight Press, featuring the printmaking work of S.V. Medaris.

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Market Weight Press is an online shop & art/farm blog featuring the block-prints of S.V. Medaris on paper, shirts, scarves, bags, and more. Our mission is to provide one-of-a-kind, affordable, original block prints on paper, apparel and other merchandise. See what’s in stock now. And see what’s going on at Market Weight Press these days.

If you’re looking for paintings and other nonprinting works, you can see pretty much all of Medaris’ artwork at S.V. Medaris Fine Art—the paintings, etchings, pastels, and all the rest from Sue’s portfolio—starting from The One Chick Show and continuing up to the present.

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Carving a 5ft Woodblock


red hog silhouetteNext: Carving!

close-up of woodcut shavings

After gathering all the images and ideas (see Part 1 for this rather agonizing process), you’ve got to get the whole thing onto a flat, 2-D surface in some sort of order that is understandable, so that you can start carving without a lot of guesswork. Thinking where you have to cut slows the carving waaaaaay down.

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