Lion heading to Chicago

Latest print, Chicago Lion is heading to a couple of Chicago shows.

Chicago Lion, Hand-colored Linocut on Arches (buff). 16″ x 24″ Image/idea from a trip to Chicago last winter and a visit with my favorite lions…

Will write more soon with show details, but know that one will be in a Gallery at end of May, 2016, and the other:

Friday, June 10, 2016 at Northdown Taproom for the Lions and Tigers and Beers event (all proceeds benefit the Minneapolis Wildcat Sanctuary). More info at their Facebook Event Page

Chicken Pot Pie to Birds in Art 2016


I lucked out again…

head of White Wyandotte, detail from hand-coloured, 5ft woodcut 'Chicken Pot Pie' by S.V. Medaris

Picking out pieces to submit back in April, this was another one of those “omg, like what do I have to lose?” sort of entries, hoping hoping hoping that this year’s jurors would appreciate a little levity. 6am this morning in my inbox, I found out that they did:

Your Birds in Art entry Chicken Pot Pie has been selected for the 2016 exhibition…

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