Carcass prints take form

8ft carcass prints hang next to foam shapes

(click image to enlarge) Priming in progress.

Continuing on, a couple days after printing the carcasses….

…the prints were left to hang for a couple of days for the ink (oil-based) to dry, then the prints were cut out with scissors. After that, I prepared these pink insulation foam shapes cut from 4ft x 8ft sheets. I cut the shapes out with a small, hand-held, electric jigsaw, then lightly sanded the edges, so there were no sharp-looking corners/edges. Then, 3 coats of white primer, so the pink won’t show through the print (masa is a very thin paper and the pink would show through the paper without the white base beneath it).

woodcut-printed carcass, applied to form and hanging from hook

(click to enlarge) The finished print, adhered to form, hanging next to the woodcut block.

What fun! It’s done!! Now, I just have to do print/assemble three more.

See them all together in an installation at the May 7th “From Pattern to Processing” show (and after that, I’ll post to the blog).

Links to earlier stages showing carcass block being cut, and first prints.

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