Alpaca prints…t-shirts


Artist, S.V. Medaris in brown alpaca tee, smiles in front of lines of prints: full-color Alpaca Sky prints and alpaca t-shirts, all drying.

‘Alpaca Sky’ • print size: 18in x 24in • reduction linocut

Our neighbors–Mindy and Linda of Galpaca Farm have the most beautiful, engaging, patient and fun models — Alpacas! Continue reading

Store opening soon

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At the Market Weight Press store, we will be selling wood-cut printed t-shirts (kids and adult sizes), hand-dyed and block-printed scarves, nylon bags, small prints, and even a book or two. Opening in December 2013. -sv

Small Works at Artisan Gallery


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New work by S.V. Medaris at Artisan Gallery’s Small Works show includes “Wyandotte 13”, “GrrrKitty”, “Le Porc”, and others. Also NEW! hand-dyed, block-printed silk scarves available at Artisan as well. Show runs through Dec. 31, 2013. Continue reading