This Friday Gallery Night, Madison Craft Beer Week….

Taliesin Goose, reduction woodcut on cutout wooden shape by S.V. Medaris

4ft long goose! Reduction woodcut adhered to plywood form.

This Friday, May 3 in downtown Madison, it’s Gallery Night! As part of the Taliesin show at Overture Gallery I, I’ve got 2 pieces dealing with Taliesin geese. Reception is from 6-8pm. It should be a grand event, as the whole downtown is alive with gallery-hoppers, receptions, and lots of great art!! Oh, and also this Friday is the start of the 3rd Annual Madison Craft Beer Week in Madison. Get there early for parking. I’m just sayin’….

Also, Paoli’s Artisan Gallery shows are up and I think, pretty terrific. The one in the front end of the gallery is Flora and Fauna. I’ve got the new 48in goose print (reduction print–see it here) showing (over to the left on a bright blue wall that matches the blue sky in the goose painting(!), and a cutout woodcut pig.

Then, back in The Cooler (also at Artisan Gallery), it’s the Habitat ReStore Salvage Art Show and Benefit, April 10-June 2 Check out all the salvage art made by local artists. My favorites: Michael Roberts’ Hammera (a figure made out of piano hammers, from an entire piano that Michael purchased at a thrift shop), and Fish Spoon #2 by Linda Kelen (a cold-forged, chased/repoussed white bronze spoon). I’ve got 3 small wooden cutout figures–woodcut or linocuts. See all the work that’s currently showing at the online ReStore Salvage Art show April 19th – June 2nd

This Saturday night: Farm to Fork (to Fabulous!)

Opening reception Saturday, March 16, 7-10pm.

Showing with my friend and fellow artist Alicia Rheal in our From Farm to Fork (to Fabulous!) exhibit. The opening reception is a gala celebration and benefit for the Walls of Wittenberg. More info, and the poster, below. Highlight? Why Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats of course.

Poster for 'Farm to Fork (to Fabulous)' show, featuring artwork of S.V. Medaris and Alicia Rheal

This is going to be a really fun (and delicious) opening reception! (Click on poster to enlarge) And, if you drive up early, you can visit Nueske’s Company Store in Wittenberg (Sat. hours: 8-4).

The WowSpace is located at 114 Vinal St – Wittenberg, WI. Easy to find…Just look for the 8ft hanging hog carcasses and the giant pull-toy pig (cuts) in the front windows along the main street of downtown Wittenberg!

And here’s more info about the Walls of Wittenberg ongoing mural project.

One section of the wall installed for now….

Installing…. That’s an 18ft long Hampshire stud boar on right (the model, Pioneer is owned by Monson Show Pigs in Richland Center). And that’s an 8ft pull-toy pig in front window.

Great Taste of the Midwest 2012

guy in beer costume

The Great Taste is the second longest-running craft beer festival in North America. For those of you unfamiliar with this event, read the synopsis at Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild, the folks behind The Great Taste of the Midwest.

<—- “Click me or any of the pics to enlarge!”

A big part of the fun of The Great Taste is people watching, and interacting with complete strangers who, for the most part, are super-friendly and love to ham it up for the camera. This year, accompanied by husband J and my sis, we had a great time. Here are some of the highlights:

Standing in line (for about 15-20 minutes–it was a really long line!!) at Three Floyds Brewing Company, waiting for just-tapped Molok-Old. It was worth the wait. The description included “… Chocolate, coconut, and vanilla liquid awesomeness.” It was.

standing in line for Three Floyds', Molok Oldstanding in line for Three Floyds beer, Molok Old
Three Floyds banner

Posers! Complete stranger on left. Those yellow capes are from Bell’s Brewery I believe. Everyone was wearing them–very funny to see beer drinking superheroes all day. My sis and our friend (Andrea’s) Mark on the right:

Caped Poserbeer holding festival go-ers

Below, preparation begins for the Chocolate/Beer pairings in the Presentation Tent (barn). This year’s pairings are Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier (chocolate) and Ale Asylum (beer).
Presentation tent--getting ready for beer/chocolate pairings

Here’s the list:
Chocolate and Beer pairings list with Gail Ambrosius and Ale Asylum

Everyone’s favorite? Pecan Praline and Contorter Porter:
Pecan Praline and Contorter Porter pairing

My favorite chocolate? Caramel with Sea Salt. Always. Hands down. Last year this was paired with Furthermore Brewery‘s Knot Stock. Unbelievable! Really fantastic. Here’s a whole tray of these delectable chocolates. One for everyone…
a tray of chocolates: Caramel with Sea Salt

Place was packed! Fortunately, beer drinkers on the whole seem to be a happy bunch.
Crowd closeup

Big crowd with tents

The crowd was big this year, full of quirky characters. Here is the Schlafly Beer Bottle Guy (from St. Louis) on left. On right, tempting him with pretzels, sis got Chicken Hat Guy to pose as well:
Schlafly beer bottle man/poser and friendchicken hat poser

This year’s Kuhnhenn Brewing theme: Kuhnhenn Dyasty: The year of Asian persuasion (on left). On the right, a Chicago South-sider who didn’t mind being mimicked by my sis. His recommendation for a brewery to visit in Chicago? Three Floyds, but only during off-hours he says. Kuhnhenn Brewing guy dressed up with braid and fu manchuChicago South-Sider posing with sis

We found out that with offerings of pretzels, you can get just about anybody to pose. It helps too that it’s almost impossible to say “no” to my sister:

Kuhnhenn folks posing with sister

Great graphics abound! Including this poster (featuring the tapping times at Half Acre), and the backs of shirts:

Half Acre Tap Times

Wonderful logos everywhere!:

King Puff logo3 Dachshunds tee

And sayings on backs of…backs. Wonder if this guy enjoyed the Real Ale tent.

Unfiltered advertisement on man's lower back

The scary zombie folks at New Holland Brewing Company. This year’s theme: Zombie Prom:

Would you take a beer from this zombie? I thought so…
New Holland zombies serve beer

Pictured below: Bubblelicious Weisse from the folks at Leinenkugel’s Brewing Co. The little bubble balls were delicious!

Bubblelicious Weisse

Leiny’s description: This classic sour German beer is served with an Asian bubblelicious twist. This new addition is a translucent gummy ball that contains flavored juices in the center which “pops” with every bite. The bursting bubbles come in Lychee, Mango, Orange, Passion Fruit, or Strawberry.

Perhaps my favorite photo of the day…. It was nearing the end of the festival, and we noticed this solitary figure defending her space “in line”. As you can see, no one was questioning her. The cape lends authority don’t you think?

No entry (super woman first in line)

Last light on the longest day of the year

Almost perfect ending to the longest day of the year (June 20, 2012). Almost? Because those awesome rain clouds in background just missed us, and we NEED rain! (NOTE: click any image to enlarge)

stormy sunset with dogs, woman and beer

Perfect in every other way

closeup of Potosi Brewery's Steamboat Shandy

Great Shandy–better than the others (local and not) I’ve tried. Click to enlarge photo.

(those of you not in this area should know we have been without rain for a long time now).

Hey, what’s the awesome beer you’re drinking (you ask)? Well, it’s the best shandy I’ve tasted yet (already mixed shandy that is, since you already know–Mom–that the best shandies are made with “regular” beer and real lemonade that you physically mix together yourself). It’s Potosi‘s Steamboat Shandy. Not only does it taste great, but I just noticed on the label that it says All Profits to Charity. That’s awesome! Wait, all?!? Is that even possible??! I think this calls for a trip and tour of Potosi Brewery to find out, sometime soon :-)

Where’s the boy(s) you ask? Right here. Chillin’…

man and his dogs relaxing in evening light


…and guardin’:

Little rat-jack terrier sits in lap and looks out for possible coyotes

Dex is on high alert watchin’ for coyotes. So far, he’s always the first to spot them coming from the west.

woman smiles and scratches small dog
Favorite place in the world to be…
Zuzu, jack-rat terrier lies in grass

…at home with the family–relaxing after a run, and AFTER several weeks/months of hard-core production on The Tunnel of Mortality (currently at Artisan Gallery, Paoli, WI), with the install behind me…

Here’s my girl (at right), sort of on the lookout too. She’s better at seeing small bugs, microscopic critters and possibly invisible beings.

And the fireflies came out before the light disappeared completely:
firefly in dark field

Pretty perfect evening.