First print of the year…

(Finished in first week of January, but belated posting)

January 15, 2012

For a folio exchange called Everything Eleven (and some A/P ones will be used for my Bestiary), this one’s called:

Eleven Polish Posing

Reduction linocut of White Crested Black Polish, cock

'Eleven Polish Posing' • 3 color reduction linocut with some hand-coloring on Rives Lightweight • 14in x 4in • January 2012

(more than) 11 polish drying

He’s a White Crested Black, cockerel (under 1 year old), all grown up (he is one of my summer 2011 chicks). Quite the beauty, and not too mean as far as these fellows go. I have a bunch of young polish cocks in the barn pen, separate from the coop. When it came time to decide which polish would migrate to the coop (all the pullets and some of the cockerels), this guy was a no-brainer. Although he has about 6 or so other equally handsome brothers of the same breed, when I went to gather up some of “his” girls to take to the coop, he swooped down and tried to grab them (literally) out of my hands. He didn’t try to attack me, but rather tried to grab his girls back. I knew then that I had a good caretaker, mate for those girls, so I swooped him up too. At the very least he would look out for them and not let any of the bigger chickens pick on his girls.

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2 days left to see MFA Thesis Exhibit

A Pattern of Processing
Now showing today and tomorrow (Thurs) 9-5. Hope you can make it…. Woodcut-printed wallpaper and upholstery, with fancy-framed, reduction-woodcut portraits, and a meat locker. Fun stuff!

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(8ft walls, 8ft carcasses, all woodcut prints)

8ft chicken and pig woodcuts at the Overture Center

…in our Beastly Prints show. Here they are with kids for scale (below). Exhibit at the Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, WI, Gallery 1. It’s a 3 person show with myself and Briony Morrow-Cribbs and Patrick Smyczek. More info at the Overture.

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Badger Herald article about our “Beastly Prints” show

ArtsEtc.: Art
Dichotomy of human-animal interaction depicted through diverse media, aesthetics

shark print by Patrick Smyczek

‘Art of Bestiary’ explored in Overture print exhibit. Photo courtesy Patrick Smyczek

By Kathi Gadow
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 10:05 a.m.

Even if you are not in the Veterinary School, or even an animal lover, you’ll enjoy “Beastly Prints: Modern Interpretations of the Art of Bestiary,” part of the Overture Center’s new round of spring galleries….. (Read entire article)

8ft chicken is finished and on display…

…at the Overture Center for the Arts.

framed art on wall, with 8ft woodcut chicken in foreground

The show is up! Now on view through June 25th, 2011. Meet the artists at the reception Gallery Night, Friday, May 6, 6pm.

More info: Overture Center, Gallery 1

8ft hand-colored woodcut chicken

Hand- colored woodcut, printed on masa, then mounted on plywood cutout form and varnished. By the way, that's a Golden-Laced Wyandotte, cock. Maximus was one of my first roosters (bros with Big Tiny).

It’s a huge relief to be done with this and have it up on display. I mean it was fun to do, but printing by hand with a wooden spoon (my press is “only” 30in wide….the chicken block is a 4ft x 8ft plywood block) is not easy, especially with so much solid black. An exercise in patience most definitely.

“Beastly Prints” show is up!

Some sneak peeks:

closeup of screen-printed shark eating an animal's leg

Closeup of one of Patrick Smyczek's hand-colored screen-prints

closeup of intaglio of magnified bug inside jar

Closeup of one of Briony Morrow-Cribb's intaglio prints

Briony’s website, Sue’s website.

closeup of woodcut of giant chicken feet

Closeup of S.V. Medaris' 8ft chicken woodcut

The show is open now, with the big reception at the Overture on Gallery Night, Friday, May 6, 2011 at 6pm.