Frogman’s 2013

close-up of toad face

Toad, not frog

litho of hog holding platter with a ham on it. Background letters read: 'Jambons...Le Porc....100% de porc americain.

Final print, “Jambons (Hams)” 9in x 6in, 5-color lithograph (polyester plate litho). CLICK TO ENLARGE

This year at Frogman’s printmaking workshops I’m taking polyester plate lithography with one of my alltime favorite artists: Katherine Polk and Andy Polk. They are great instructors too!

JULY 9: Today I got the keyline color (black) down in a small edition of 10. With this process, the Polks print the black or dark color keyline first.

Tomorrow we start adding color in transparent layers over the black. Very exciting.

All the other colors are primarily a transparent tint base with just a smidgeon of color added. It’s like painting watercolors or dyes over an ink drawing. The effect is translucent, rich, glowing color. It can be magical.

JULY 11: Here are some of the steps below, in order of printing:

black on white prints of hog carrying platter of ham

Jabons prints drying on rack, first layer of ink: black.

2-color print of hog carrying platter of ham

Color 2: salmon.

3-color print of hog carrying platter of ham

Color 3: slightly green cyan.

print of hog carrying platter of ham

Color 4: subtle cream-colored overlay (over whole sheet of paper), to sort of antique the image.

full-color litho print of hog carrying platter of ham

Color 5: Golden orange-yellow layer added to hog/platter/ham section of print.


…is not just printmaking. They have lectures, artists’ talks, museum/gallery walk, karaoke, bowling, open portfolio…all scheduled on different days/eves. Basically, it’s nonstop printmaking by day and night, with social events most eves.

The other night, after midnight, coming home from bowling, I chanced upon this little critter:

side-view, toad on pavement, night sky behind

Someone told me this is a Buffo toad.

And here we are, at the bowling alley/bar near the dorm where we stay…. For bowling, your team has to wear a costume. You’re limited to $5 per costume, and so, many folks head to the local thrift shop to find their costumes. We happened upon plastic flower pots and creepy little rubber human heads, which of course gave us the team name of Pot Heads. Green lace and string for capes…

dark interior of bowling alley, people with flower pots on heads

Meet Team Pothead.

And a close-up of our awesome hats:

Class starts in two weeks: Intro to Block Printing

Deadline approaching for class sign-up (link to sign up here)

Sat / Sun, July 20-21, Sat 9-4, Sun 10-4.

Reposting the info here. Spread the word! Thanks!
More info, registration, supply list, photos at Whispering Woodlands – July Workshops.

clydesdales, linocut, lucky book

Clydesdales, Lexington, and Lucky Book
Print: 4x4in, Book: 2x2in.
1-color linocut, hand-carved rubber stamps on dyed/colored masa.

This is an introductory level printmaking class in which we’ll explore how to make block prints using linoleum. Learn how to plan, draw and transfer your design; prep, cut and print a linoleum block without a press. Explore the different ways to add color to your print.

In addition, we’ll experiment with printing on fabric and/or tees (with the press). Learn the tricks to making clear, crisp prints easily and without frustration. Make your print as simple or as complex as you’d like, but keep details to a minimum and/or size of block small so that you can finish cutting and printing before end of workshop. (5″ x 7″ – 4″ x 6″ ideal. No larger than 8″ x 10″) Better understand the different substrates for cutting (different kinds of linoleum, rubber, wood, and synthetic materials), different papers for printing on, and the different tools you’ll need for different techniques/substrates. You can experiment with cutting some of these materials as interest/time allow. Note: More detailed information on supply list.

NOTE: I include the Clydesdales, Lexington print/book above, to show some of the fun things you can do with a simple 1-color linocut (like we will be doing in class), dye and stamps.