Joie de vivre, mischief, transformation and innovation…


…that’s what this painting is really about.

Oil painting detail of face of terrier with big stick in mouth

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Interview with The Fiddleback

Interview with S.V. Medaris
Interview with The Fiddleback, “an independent, online arts & literature magazine edited by a reclusive band of poets, writers, and audiophiles from across the country.”

The “Tunnel” guestbook

printed, cloth-covered artists's book
At the Tunnel of Mortality show, I made this matching guestbook and left it on the table in the anteroom, with a sign “comments welcome” (the anteroom’s wallpaper, upholstery, tablecloth, etc all used the “bones and offal” linocut pattern on burgundy cloth).

Here are a few of the comments (favorites), below…

Love this one:

Artwork that makes you think! Yeah!! Nice processing:

Cracks me up:

Wait, what?…

Girl after my own :

Billy Collins at TED Talks

His poems made into animations, and a new poem read (at the end) that I think most parents of teenage kids can relate to.

And here’s the link to TED Talks for those with older browsers/updates.

Another reason I love him–his muse is Bugs Bunny.