Carving a 5ft Woodblock


red hog silhouetteNext: Carving!

close-up of woodcut shavings

After gathering all the images and ideas (see Part 1 for this rather agonizing process), you’ve got to get the whole thing onto a flat, 2-D surface in some sort of order that is understandable, so that you can start carving without a lot of guesswork. Thinking where you have to cut slows the carving waaaaaay down.

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5ft Woodcut Tribute to the Stockyards


red hog silhouetteIt started with an invitation

tiny woodcut hog face

…to participate in a 40 x 60 Woodcut Challenge! (Actually, it started with an inquiry about whether or not there were still any openings to participate, and thankfully, they’d seen my work and welcomed me to take part).

40 x 60 Challenge?red hog silhouette

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This Saturday night: Farm to Fork (to Fabulous!)

Opening reception Saturday, March 16, 7-10pm.

Showing with my friend and fellow artist Alicia Rheal in our From Farm to Fork (to Fabulous!) exhibit. The opening reception is a gala celebration and benefit for the Walls of Wittenberg. More info, and the poster, below. Highlight? Why Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats of course.

Poster for 'Farm to Fork (to Fabulous)' show, featuring artwork of S.V. Medaris and Alicia Rheal

This is going to be a really fun (and delicious) opening reception! (Click on poster to enlarge) And, if you drive up early, you can visit Nueske’s Company Store in Wittenberg (Sat. hours: 8-4).

The WowSpace is located at 114 Vinal St – Wittenberg, WI. Easy to find…Just look for the 8ft hanging hog carcasses and the giant pull-toy pig (cuts) in the front windows along the main street of downtown Wittenberg!

And here’s more info about the Walls of Wittenberg ongoing mural project.

One section of the wall installed for now….

Installing…. That’s an 18ft long Hampshire stud boar on right (the model, Pioneer is owned by Monson Show Pigs in Richland Center). And that’s an 8ft pull-toy pig in front window.

Kitten Likes Blood

At last check, this was the only print of mine from the “Small Works” show at Artisan Gallery that hasn’t sold. I wonder why?

Kitten Likes Blood
hand-colored lithograph
12in x 12in

ktten with blood on paws and mouth

This scene was from ¡¡Real Life!! Kitten–runt of the litter–joined in with the other animals to share in the spoils of a deer being processed in Pat’s front yard. She was very protective of her space/spoils, thumping her tiny little paw ferociously down on the ground to warn anyone away. Cute gross tiny ferocious yum.

Radioactive, by Lauren Redniss

orange and green cover of book 'Radioactive' by Lauren Redniss

Radioactive, by Lauren Redniss

Currently The Big Read at the UW-Madison this semester, this book is just phenomenal. The author/artist is a genius–writing, illustrating, and creating her own font for this book–Lauren Redniss is a god! I’m so inspired by her work.

Radioactive is about the life of Marie Curry, and along with being a gorgeously illustrated graphic novel, it’s incredibly-researched, historically accurate, full of drama, intrigue, love and death, it reads like a novel! Very hard to put down.

Oh! And the cover (hard-cover version at least) glows in the dark–how cool is that??!!

I can’t say enough about this book, nor can I say it well, so here’s a link to a terrific review of the book by journalist, writer, and current UW-Madison grad student, Emily Eggleston:
A Radioactive Treat.

Check out Lauren Redniss online and Radioactive itself. At her site you can also check out her wonderful Op-art” pieces for the NYT. Oh, and this book (that I have to have) Century Girl is also there. Check it out! Genius. Seriously.

And here’s a video of Lauren talking about the making of Radioactive at a TED Talk (yep, she’s also young and beautiful–she’s got it all):

Sausage making!

This is turning into an annual event…. Making sausages with Bryan (and Alicia). This year we made 3 kinds: a Longuiza one, a southwestern (hot) one, and a mild apple/herb one.

Made them this past weekend so that they could “rest” and the flavors meld (in the fridge, and now in freezer) for a “Handmade” gathering this upcoming weekend. This pork is from last year’s (2011) hogs.

Here’s the hot one:

a pile of freshly made sausages

Porkert sausage maker

Porkert brand sausage maker


This year’s hogs are still in the pasture. Butcher date coming up in September :-(

Why the sad face? Because this year’s pigs-now-hogs are super-cute and friendly–always talking and happy to see you (and your food gifts)….

But, I guess that means happy meat too. :-)

We used Bryan’s Porkert sausage maker, from the Czech Republic (here’s a link to what looks like the all-metal version). I want one!