Chicken Pot Pie to Birds in Art 2016


I lucked out again…

head of White Wyandotte, detail from hand-coloured, 5ft woodcut 'Chicken Pot Pie' by S.V. Medaris

Picking out pieces to submit back in April, this was another one of those “omg, like what do I have to lose?” sort of entries, hoping hoping hoping that this year’s jurors would appreciate a little levity. 6am this morning in my inbox, I found out that they did:

Your Birds in Art entry Chicken Pot Pie has been selected for the 2016 exhibition…

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Pas de Deux to Birds in Art 2015


Pas de Deux linocut, detail of rooster head

Got the email today that Pas de Deux, a hand-colored linocut that I did the summer before last) made it into Birds in Art 2015! I still can’t believe it. Continue reading

Goose attacks to continue in Texas, California, New York,…

closeup of man approaching framed woodcut of a gooseWow again,
Just got the exciting news from the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum (currently showing the Birds in Art exhibit) that Taliesin Goose is going on the National Tour! Here’s the letter: Continue reading

New work at ‘Under the Influence’ show

Alphonse Mucha's 'Bieres de la Meuse' poster

One of my favorites by Alphonse Mucha

Now showing at Artisan Gallery: Under the Influence, a group show by Gallery Artists wherein we each pick an artist that has an impact on our work, and create a piece(s) that is influenced by that artist.

For mine, I picked Alphonse Mucha. Pas de Deux, below is the result. Here is the text that accompanies the print, currently up at the gallery:

‘Pas de Deux’ Influenced by:
Alphonse Mucha + the Posters of Paris

I’ve always been inspired by Mucha’s posters of elaborate, beautifully drawn figures advertising products. His strong design-sense, line quality, gorgeous women, and rich, glowing color represent the ideals of the poster in his time. The fact that his exquisitely rendered scenes were fine art but also used in advertising (for the theatre as well as commercial products) is sort of the gold standard for me: Commercial and Fine Art. Communication crossed with beautifully rendered imagery all in one.

Colorful linocut of 2 chickens in floral scene surrounded by mulberries

‘Pas de Deux’ hand-colored linocut, edition of 10, 8in x 18in (image size). Click on image to enlarge.

I saw his lithographic posters last summer at the “Posters of Paris” show (19th century posters in paris) at Milwaukee Art Museum, and was astounded at the size of the work–most of them over life-size, often 6ft or taller. Along with these, there were huge circus posters (designed by other artists) of the time as well. That marked the beginning of a plan to make Mucha-inspired and circus-inspired reduction woocuts the size of my pressbed (4ft).

This piece, ‘Pas de Deux’ is the 2nd small-size experiment in this style (The Amazing Dancing Dog was the first). Now that I did my first 4ft reduction print earlier this year (a goose), I can start planning the bigger 19th century poster-inspired series as reduction block prints.

The show is up through July 21st and is a wonderful show — the other works in the show are super-inspiring to me.

This Friday Gallery Night, Madison Craft Beer Week….

Taliesin Goose, reduction woodcut on cutout wooden shape by S.V. Medaris

4ft long goose! Reduction woodcut adhered to plywood form.

This Friday, May 3 in downtown Madison, it’s Gallery Night! As part of the Taliesin show at Overture Gallery I, I’ve got 2 pieces dealing with Taliesin geese. Reception is from 6-8pm. It should be a grand event, as the whole downtown is alive with gallery-hoppers, receptions, and lots of great art!! Oh, and also this Friday is the start of the 3rd Annual Madison Craft Beer Week in Madison. Get there early for parking. I’m just sayin’….

Also, Paoli’s Artisan Gallery shows are up and I think, pretty terrific. The one in the front end of the gallery is Flora and Fauna. I’ve got the new 48in goose print (reduction print–see it here) showing (over to the left on a bright blue wall that matches the blue sky in the goose painting(!), and a cutout woodcut pig.

Then, back in The Cooler (also at Artisan Gallery), it’s the Habitat ReStore Salvage Art Show and Benefit, April 10-June 2 Check out all the salvage art made by local artists. My favorites: Michael Roberts’ Hammera (a figure made out of piano hammers, from an entire piano that Michael purchased at a thrift shop), and Fish Spoon #2 by Linda Kelen (a cold-forged, chased/repoussed white bronze spoon). I’ve got 3 small wooden cutout figures–woodcut or linocuts. See all the work that’s currently showing at the online ReStore Salvage Art show April 19th – June 2nd

First 48in reduction woodcut


I finally chucked another worry out the window and went for it–a block as big as my (Takach Press) press bed (30 inches x 48 inches), and a reduction woodblock at that (meaning, if it doesn’t work…if I can’t register it at that big a paper size, with even one of the colors, then the whole edition is shot…). But it worked!!!

woodcut by S.V. Medaris of Canadian goose with Taliesin hillside in background. Green hill, blue sky

‘Taliesin Goose’ by S.V. Medaris, Reduction woodcut, 30in x 48in • Now showing at Artisan Gallery. See it at the opening reception for ‘Flora and Fauna’ this Friday night (April 19), 5-9pm. Click on goose to enlarge it.

And a close up:
Close up of print: a goose face (woodcut by S.V. Medaris), on green background, with blue sky and Taliesin in tree line

A close-up of the 5-color (plus white) reduction block. That’s Taliesin up on the hillside. Click on goose to enlarge it.

For one of the prints, I cut out the goose and adhered it to a plywood cut-out form. Varnish. Attach french cleats to back, and voilá a floating goose. No pics yet, but it’s showing now at Overture Center’s Gallery I: 60 days at Taliesin…. Opening reception May 3, 2013, gallery night!