Upcoming shows: Food & Salvage (what a combination!)


red shiny cabinet decoupaged with pieces of Dog & Pony Show woodcut broadside by S.V. Medaris

Dog & Pony Show Cabinet • 14in x 7in x 4in • Salvaged materials: cabinet, thrift shop t-shirts

Opening Reception at Artisan Gallery this Friday night, April 11, 5-9pm (for multiple shows!)

Here’s the skinny on the 2 separate shows (actually, there’s 3 shows; I have work in 2 of them) at Artisan Gallery….

Artisan Gallery • 6858 Paoli Road, Paoli, Wisconsin 53508 • 608-845-6600

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Spring Art Tour coming soon!

8ft chicken, Market Weight Studios, woodcuts, Great Pyrenees

Come see the 8ft chicken! The 8ft pulltoy pig! And lots more (including that Skip Johnson patriotic chicken in the foreground). Here are a few students from a visiting art class in front of Market Weight Press Studios

Now in it’s 7th year, the Spring Art Tour features 20 artists who will open their studios to the public June 7, 8, 9 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), 10-5 daily.

**NOTE: Sue will be in studio daily 10-5, EXCEPT Saturday absent 3:30-5p

S.V. Medaris’ studio will have printing demos, prints (unframed and framed), cards, pillows, t-shirts and more for sale. She is currently carving the first in a new series of Alphonse Mucha poster-inspired prints, as well as a 4ft hog woodcut, a flying (sort of) chicken linocut, and block-printing pillow covers, t-shirts and ? Lots of fun stuff.

Maps, artist profiles and more at the Mount Horeb Spring Art Tour site.

Class collaborative, end of semester…

Last day of teaching for the Book Arts class at UW this semester. What a great class (there were some really exceptional students in this group) and we all made a lot of stuff. I had no idea how many books I would have to make in order to demo (think cooking class–different stages ready to show), but omg I never dreamed it would have been this many! Holy cow. But, practice makes (closer to) perfect, right?

Here’s some of my students’ books, after the leather binding workshop we did, along with some of their 1st half of semester books (click photo to enlarge):

leather bound and other handmade artists' books

And some of their gorgeous marbled papers we made after Spring Break (click image to enlarge):

mosaic of marbled papers

For end of semester, we printed/bound a class collaborative travel/adventure book (students picked the theme), with each of us making a spread (6in x 12in wide).

printed book cloth, papers

Some of the pieces–the printed cover papers and book cloth (lower right), little 1/2-size model of book to figure out pagination (upper left), title page, little bellhop guy that will be featured on interior pages of the book… (click image to enlarge)

I haven’t taken pics of the individual spreads yet, but (above) are some of the pieces of the book in progress. Handmade paper on cover, polymer plate printed 17th century world map on various pages, cover paper and book cloth. Also polymer-plate printed bellhop guy for some of inside spreads. I marbled the endpapers onto Rives BFK tan. Here they are drying in foreground with my double-spread foldout of Ivan and the Wily Coyotes in the background:

marbled paper and relief prints drying in studio

and the title pages and colophon are letter-press printed with wood type (big letters) and lead type (smaller text). Here’s setting up the type (#1) for the colophon and the students’ names (that they set themselves with the lead type), that will be printed with white ink over a polymer-plate-printed dark brown cover stock (#2). Click either image to actually read the type!:

lead type cased in on letterpress
printed colophon: white text on dark brown paper

I will post photos of the finished book and some spreads next time.

Side benefit to teaching artists’ books…

…I get to make lots of prototypes of book forms in many stages with which to teach students how to bind different types of books. Plus, a Fun with Book Forms! broadside, used as book cloth, small cards, clamshell box wrapper…. I’ll show those later, but for now, just the broadside, and a very small (soon-after-this-photo–leather bound) book sewn on cords. Done this past February and March along with a number of other books, boxes, prints that I’ll post after the latest deadline is past…

tiny book sewn on cords

Book measures about 3in x 2in | I really like the textures in this (click on image to enlarge). Almost sorry to cover it up with leather. Almost.

Fun With Book Forms broadside

'Fun With Book Forms!' | 22in x 17in | 3-color letterpress printed on French's Construction



corn-fed broadside printed on yellow paper

Letterpress printed onto handmade, 100% cotton rag paper. 22" x 17"

The broadside for the October solo show: Corn-Fed. Made about 50 of these for the show. Over 20 sold opening night, and then more at various times. A few left…

Consequence, Book One: The Cock

artist's book, cock, chicken, rooster, corn, s.v. medaris

Handmade artist's book, 9" x 6"

Entire book online, plus more information about the materials used, printing processes of this (mostly) wordless, woodcut novel can be found  here.

The title is pretty self-explanatory, as is the credit page at beginning (in memory of…). It’s for the most part a wordless novel, very short, very clear story about a bad rooster (or cock as we call them here on the farm), and the consequence of his behavior. Based on a true story…. Read/see the whole book here.