CLUCK: From Jungle Fowl to City Chicks…


green cover of book featuring chicken in a circle

Funny, poignant, wry look at the backyard phenomenon of raising chickens for eggs, meat or just plain pets. Additional stories by Jane Hamilton, Michael Perry, and Ben Logan. Stunning artwork by S.V. Medaris. For animal lovers, pet owners, and art enthusiasts.

Itchy Cat Press
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To order paperback, send $25 (check or money order) to:

S.V. Medaris
123 Drammen Valley Rd
Mount Horeb, WI 53572

$35 for hardcover (cloth bound with foil stamp, covered with book jacket).

Free shipping (and no tax) if ordered by June 1st.

Or pick up a copy at our farm during the Spring Art Tour, June 10-12. More info here.

Badger Herald article about our “Beastly Prints” show

ArtsEtc.: Art
Dichotomy of human-animal interaction depicted through diverse media, aesthetics

shark print by Patrick Smyczek

‘Art of Bestiary’ explored in Overture print exhibit. Photo courtesy Patrick Smyczek

By Kathi Gadow
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 10:05 a.m.

Even if you are not in the Veterinary School, or even an animal lover, you’ll enjoy “Beastly Prints: Modern Interpretations of the Art of Bestiary,” part of the Overture Center’s new round of spring galleries….. (Read entire article)

“Consumption”: The critics speak!

Well the reviews are mixed regarding S.V. Medaris’ Master of Arts exhibit, Consumption. Here’s a reaction to one of the large-scale pieces (*hint* click image to enlarge):

The Magnificent Seven

boy critics look between their legs with hog painting behind them.

Boy critics voice opinion through interpretive stance, in front of "The Magnificent Seven", a 14ft x 9ft mixed media piece (acrylic and printmaking on canvas and feedsacks) by S.V. Medaris

(click on any photo to see larger version)

7  hogs  advance in mixed media piece The Magnificent Seven by S.V.  Medaris

"The Magnificent Seven" by S.V. Medaris • 14ft x 9ft • Mixed media (acrylic and printmaking on canvas and feedsacks)

And some more photos from the closing reception:

boy with M&M's

"The dark M&M's are terrific!"

child stands in front of painting with big hogs-painting by S.V. Medaris

Young girl poses for camera, ignoring the hogs closing in behind her.

I ♥  Chicken

woman holds young girl up to see inside a chicken box by S.V. Medaris

Looking through the window, into the interior light of "I ♥ Chicken."

Here it is, closed:

chicken box with small window shows chicken coop and moon by S.V. Medaris

"I ♥ Chicken" by S.V. Medaris • 12in x 8in x 4in • found objects, light, recycled prints, acrylic on specimen box.

…and open:

interior of chicken box with roasting chicken in oven copyright s.v. medaris

Interior of "I ♥ Chicken"

The Meat Locker

Approaching the Meat Locker (a tunnel book):

people crowd around some art


illustration of pigs looking out on pasture

"The Meat Locker" by S.V. Medaris • 10in x 10in x 12in (deep) • tunnel book with hand-colored lithographs and inkjets on watercolor paper


tunnel book pulled forward exposes interior of a meat locker with hanging carcasses by S.V. Medaris

Fight or Flight

boys goof off in front of large turkey painting

Another opinion via interpretive stance by the boys for "Fight or Flight," 8ft x 8ft, acrylic and monotype and relief printmaking on watercolor paper, feedsack, and canvas.

Mixed media piece of large turkey challenging viewer, turkey silhouettes in background

"Fight or Flight" by S.V. Medaris • 8ft x 8ft • Mixed media (acrylic paint, monotype and relief printing on feed sacks, paper, canvas)

A Wisconsin Tradition

boys eat m&ms in front of painting of hanging deer carcass

Yes, the dark m&m's were a hit.

hanging deer carcass, kitten drinks blood

"A Wisconsin Tradition" by S.V. Medaris • 8ft x 6ft • acrylic paint, relief printing and lithography on watercolor paper

hanging deer carcass, blood coming out of mouth, kitten with blood. Copyright S.V. Medaris

Close up of "A Wisconsin Tradition." Kitten is hand-colored lithograph. This image is from a moment during a deer-processing on a nearby farm.

Closing Reception (main exhibit):

people in front of artwork in gallery

At the Art Lofts. "Consumption" closing reception, May 20, 2010

If you missed the show and want to see most of the work in person (including most of the large-scale works), come to the Spring Art Tour this weekend (June 11, 12, 13). Maps to the studios and more info at Mount Horeb Spring Art Tour.

and Studio 1134 (the second gallery):

t-shirts and prints in Gallery 1134

Inside Studio 1134 (Gallery 2)

Corn King character by S.V. Medaris on child's XS t-shirt

The "Corn King," a woodcut character made for the "Consumption" show (on child's XS t-shirt) by S.V. Medaris

Corn King apparel available at the Spring Art Tour this weekend.

Inside studio 1134

Inside Studio 1134

prints and t-shirts inside S.V. Medaris' studio

Prints and t-shirts, including diptych of "The Stalking of the Great White Pyrenees"

Framed prints and posters by S.V. Medaris

More grad school work: prints, broadsides and mixed media

“Circle of Corn” folio

Another folio for one of Melanie Yazzie’s organized folio exchanges. This one called “A Circle of Print.” In love (still) with my Corn King character, I worked him into the piece. Specs: 8″ x 20″ print, to fold down to 8″ x 10″—an edition of 20:

linoleum block of a corn kernel, in turquoise

The linoleum cut used for the corn kernel print. Prints (to be cut out) in background.

turquoise corn kernel prints with Corn King prints in background, copyright S.V. Medaris

Corn kernel prints in foreground (to be cut out for folio assembly). Inside of folio print hanging to dry in background

corn kernel print in place for folded folio featuring the Corn King by S.V. Medaris

Corn kernel print, cut out, attached, and slipped into its slot for the folio print's closed position.

Corn circle print, Corn King print, assembly of 20 edtion folio by S.V. Medaris

Assembly of "Circle of Corn" print for folio. Editon of 20. Unfolded, interior in foreground; stack of finished, assembled prints in background. Click on image to enlarge.

Another monotype

Chicken Breasts

big chicken, monotype(Monotype on Rives BFK cream)

Modeled after one of my broiler chickens–one of the cockerels, fully grown within a couple of months. These birds are huge. Their breasts are huge. At this angle, the male looked sort of matronly–at least in the breast area. When mature (ready for butchering) they are extremely large birds, and waddle along, breasts low to the ground. They are a very different shape from the other, lighter, egg-laying breeds, the ornamental breeds and even the other breeds of “heavies” that I raise.