Alpaca prints…t-shirts


Artist, S.V. Medaris in brown alpaca tee, smiles in front of lines of prints: full-color Alpaca Sky prints and alpaca t-shirts, all drying.

‘Alpaca Sky’ • print size: 18in x 24in • reduction linocut

Our neighbors–Mindy and Linda of Galpaca Farm have the most beautiful, engaging, patient and fun models — Alpacas! Continue reading

Spring Art Tour coming soon!

8ft chicken, Market Weight Studios, woodcuts, Great Pyrenees

Come see the 8ft chicken! The 8ft pulltoy pig! And lots more (including that Skip Johnson patriotic chicken in the foreground). Here are a few students from a visiting art class in front of Market Weight Press Studios

Now in it’s 7th year, the Spring Art Tour features 20 artists who will open their studios to the public June 7, 8, 9 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), 10-5 daily.

**NOTE: Sue will be in studio daily 10-5, EXCEPT Saturday absent 3:30-5p

S.V. Medaris’ studio will have printing demos, prints (unframed and framed), cards, pillows, t-shirts and more for sale. She is currently carving the first in a new series of Alphonse Mucha poster-inspired prints, as well as a 4ft hog woodcut, a flying (sort of) chicken linocut, and block-printing pillow covers, t-shirts and ? Lots of fun stuff.

Maps, artist profiles and more at the Mount Horeb Spring Art Tour site.

Mount Horeb Area Spring Art Tour this Fri, Sat, Sun!

Weekend Schedule for Sue:

1 of 5 new cards available this weekend

Friday: Cutting 2 new blocks. Printing a new (Dexter) tee by end of day.

Saturday: Cutting and printing 2 new reduction relief blocks.

Sunday: 1st of 2 blocks should be nearing completion.

5 new card designs

Both hard and soft cover versions of CLUCK: From Jungle Fowl to City Chicks is also available.

The Mount Horeb Spring Art Tour

Now in it’s 5th year, the Spring Art Tour features 21 artists who will open their studios to the public for 3 days in June. This year the open studio event is June 10, 11, 12 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), 10-5 daily.

Open daily 10-5

Spring Art Tour schedule is up

The Mount Horeb Area Spring Art Tour is this weekend! If you want general information, including maps, list of artists, etc., please go to MHAAA web site.

If you want to know what’s going on at my studio during the tour, go to S.V. Medaris’ 2010 Spring Art Tour page (or just click on Spring Art Tour tab above). Schedule of demos and what I’m working on is listed there. Hope you can make it!

Painted, fiberglass cow by S.V. Medaris looks out over hilltop in late afternoon

Cowtography cow on top of hilltop greets visitors to the farm studio

Corn King t-shirts at Spring Art Tour

Corn King t-shirts now available!

Corn King printed on t-shirts by S.V. Medaris

The" Corn King," woodcut prints onto children's tees (front is character, back is text). Click on image to enlarge.

For those of you who expressed interest in the Corn King shirts at the Consumption reception (noting that I didn’t have prices on them–doh!!–my fault for running out of time before the reception), they will be available at the Spring Art Tour this upcoming weekend, at my studio (see S.V. Medaris at the M.H. Spring Art Tour site, #10 on the Google map). More info about tour, maps, etc. at: Mount Horeb Area Spring Art Tour.

I will be printing some t-shirts on Friday, June 11th on the etching press, around noon.

shirts and prints hang drying from line

Corn King t-shirts and prints hang drying from lines next to the Takach etching press in S.V. Medaris' studio.

If you have an old shirt you want the Corn King printed on, bring it along. $10 for printing on your shirt, $20 for a printed shirt on one of my tees (a variety are available–a few in each size). You can place an order for a tee in your size if I don’t have what you need–tees, tanks, long-sleeve…. If ordering a custom shirt, turnaround time is 1-2 weeks (depending on t-shirt availability).

mustard-colored, long-sleeve tee with "Corn King" by S.V. Medaris printed on it.

Long sleeve tee–a few are available at the Spring Art Tour this weekend at the farm/studio of S.V. Medaris

Also, some other blocks are available for printing on shirts, such as “pork cuts” (a couple tees and an apron available).