Cutting up meat

8ft x 4ft piece of birch plywood. Carving mostly with reciprocating carver plus some hand gouges.

Starting to cut:

8x4ft block of birch plywood with drawing of pig carcass on it

Pig carcass drawn in red acrylic wash and black ink before carving begins. Dexter and Zuzu to scale.



After a few days worth of cutting, almost done:

2 little dogs pose in front of 8x4ft sheet of plywood with carcass carved on it

Uncooperative Zuzu refuses to pose calmly. Does not share artist's enthusiasm for carving fake meat


closeup of artist carving large block with electric gouge

Reciprocating carver or gouge, is a wrist/hand/arm saver.

The studio (and beverage) tunnel

When we woke up yesterday, after the blizzard, we had 6ft drifts (see Feb 2 post ) and the path to the studio was drifted in.

So I started shoveling.

little terrier on top of pile of snow

Zuzu supervises the digging

Once the tunnel was dug, we could get to the studio. I went first and showed the littles (Dexter behind Zuzu) how awesome this would be.

little dogs look into snow tunnel

Showing them how to go through the tunnel.

Out in the studio, there is also my Diet Coke supply.

I began to teach Dexter and Zuzu about how this could be the beverage tunnel.

little dogs accompany human through a snow tunnel

With Diet Coke in hand we successfully retrieve the first can.

And then Zuzu piped up, agreeing to be my little drug-runner. That’s my girl!

little terrier, Zuzu with can of coke tied around neck

Zuzu in action!

And then Ivan tried his hand at helping with the adult beverages. We decided to let him do the heavy lifting. This is a bottle of Furthermore Brewery’s Fatty Boombalatty.

Great Pyrenees carrying a bottle of beer.

Ivan handles precious cargo....

The beverage tunnel is a success!