Dexter got face-skunked

Man oh man does my studio stink! And that’s after the 3rd washing (1st washing down in barn). Came home from school/work to 2 skunked dogs. Evidently, on the walk tonight, Dexter raced after a skunk in the pasture above, Zuzu trailing behind. When Dex got within 1 foot of the critter, Pepé let loose with a huge cloud of spray (J, who was watching–and yelling–from below, said this huge cloud rose up out of the pasture), Dexter’s face got the point-blank direct hit.

Ran out of the good stuff, Outright Skunk Odor Eliminator, but after 3 washings Dexter’s bearable in the house. Zuzu just got lightly sprayed, so after washing she’s just fine. As you can see here she’s not too keen about sitting near Dexter in his aromatic state:

dex and zuzu (terriers) recuperate in chair after washing

Zuzu, on left is about to get out of the stinky room. Le Miserable (Dexter) is on the right, drying...."

I’d like to say that the littles learned their lesson, but alas, this isn’t the first time Dexter’s gotten hit. You’d think “black thing with white stripe” would not be hard to distinguish and would be remembered/avoided…. Good thing I have a lot of work tonight, so the smell can dissipate for a few hours before we head up to bed.

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