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  • detail of 5ft woodcut, Chicken Pot Pie print, with text: 'Now in TECHNICOLOR'...text with hand-color version of print on right
    'Chicken Pot Pie' made it into Birds in Art 2016

Welcome to Market Weight Press, red hog silhouette featuring the printmaking work of S.V. Medaris.

red hog silhouetteMarket Weight Press Shop is an online store featuring the block-prints of S.V. Medaris on paper, shirts, scarves, bags, and more. Our mission is to provide one-of-a-kind, affordable, original block prints on paper, apparel and other merchandise. red hog silhouette For stories behind the work, little deadpan-faced dogs posing beside ginormous artwork for scale, & lots of drama on the farm & in the studio, go to: Market Weight Press Blog.

red hog silhouette See Medaris’ archived artwork, exhibits, public art (CowParade, Zoobilee), etc at S.V. Medaris Fine Art——starting from The One Chick Show and continuing up to the present. red hog silhouette For Sue’s infographics, data visualizations, illustration & design, go to Grafix Translation.

red hog silhouette And thanks for visiting Market Weight Press! –sv red hog silhouette

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