The carcasses are going to NYC!!

street signs say "Destination Chelsea"The email said:
IPCNY is thrilled to notify you that Carcasses from “The Meat Locker” has been selected for New Prints 2011/Autumn, our 40th New Prints show. Congratulations! I am attaching an image to confirm the selection….

8ft long carcasses from 'The Meat Locker' an installation featured in May, 2011 MFA show: 'Pattern to Processing.' Woodcuts on masa, adhered to painted styrofoam insulation panels.

I can’t believe it. I never thought I would make the cut…. The message on their website earlier apologized for the delay in notifications because they’d received over 2,500 submissions(!)–the deadline for sending submissions was August 1, and we still hadn’t heard any results by the end of the month. Total bummer with those odds–I figured there was no way, since typically less than 50 artists are accepted for the show.

Just about went crazy when I found out. Of course the timing was perfect. Rules were that the work submitted had to have been created within 1 year of submission date. Just so happens, my MFA show (and the 8ft carcasses) were finished in May, 2011, so they fit easily within the time limits. And typically, I wouldn’t have been carving/printing 8ft carcasses for a non-MFA gallery show at (Artisan Gallery), since they’re not really commercially viable.** But for New York, for IPCNY’s “new prints” they were perfect. Here’s their mission statement for the New Prints Program:

International Print Center New York’s New Prints Program was created to bring artists’ prints of the highest quality from the widest possible range of sources to the attention of the viewing public. By establishing this unique and ongoing forum for exhibiting prints by artists at all stages of their careers, IPCNY continues its work to enlarge audiences for the visual arts.

Now, I need to figure out how to crate up these four 8ft carcasses. Getting advice thankfully from some curators and carpenters….

**Ironically though, I just might be showing something related at Artisan next June, 2012, in the form of a life-size tunnel book. Stay tuned!

8ft chicken is finished and on display…

…at the Overture Center for the Arts.

framed art on wall, with 8ft woodcut chicken in foreground

The show is up! Now on view through June 25th, 2011. Meet the artists at the reception Gallery Night, Friday, May 6, 6pm.

More info: Overture Center, Gallery 1

8ft hand-colored woodcut chicken

Hand- colored woodcut, printed on masa, then mounted on plywood cutout form and varnished. By the way, that's a Golden-Laced Wyandotte, cock. Maximus was one of my first roosters (bros with Big Tiny).

It’s a huge relief to be done with this and have it up on display. I mean it was fun to do, but printing by hand with a wooden spoon (my press is “only” 30in wide….the chicken block is a 4ft x 8ft plywood block) is not easy, especially with so much solid black. An exercise in patience most definitely.