Art Zoobilee opens at Vilas Zoo today!

Just got a first glimpse of the artists’ animals today. Beautiful work. Here’s a couple. Will add more later….

My friend Alicia Rheal’s giraffe (#4 on map) and penguin, #6 on map (click any image to enlarge):

artist stands behind painted giraffe

"People Watching" by Alicia Rheal, sponsored by Pepsi-Cola

painted fiberglass penguin by Alicia Rheal

"You are What You Eat" by Alicia Rheal, sponsored by Mid-West Family Broadcasting

My tiger (#14 on map) is still at its indoor location at the Visitor’s Center:

painted tiger by S.V. Medaris

"Cats of the World" by S.V. Medaris, sponsored by Excellence in Dentistry