First 48in reduction woodcut


I finally chucked another worry out the window and went for it–a block as big as my (Takach Press) press bed (30 inches x 48 inches), and a reduction woodblock at that (meaning, if it doesn’t work…if I can’t register it at that big a paper size, with even one of the colors, then the whole edition is shot…). But it worked!!!

woodcut by S.V. Medaris of Canadian goose with Taliesin hillside in background. Green hill, blue sky

‘Taliesin Goose’ by S.V. Medaris, Reduction woodcut, 30in x 48in • Now showing at Artisan Gallery. See it at the opening reception for ‘Flora and Fauna’ this Friday night (April 19), 5-9pm. Click on goose to enlarge it.

And a close up:
Close up of print: a goose face (woodcut by S.V. Medaris), on green background, with blue sky and Taliesin in tree line

A close-up of the 5-color (plus white) reduction block. That’s Taliesin up on the hillside. Click on goose to enlarge it.

For one of the prints, I cut out the goose and adhered it to a plywood cut-out form. Varnish. Attach french cleats to back, and voilá a floating goose. No pics yet, but it’s showing now at Overture Center’s Gallery I: 60 days at Taliesin…. Opening reception May 3, 2013, gallery night!

Printing a 4′ x 8′ woodcut onto canvas…

woman stands on top of barrel on top of blanket-covered plywood…is not very easy, and as I discovered, probably only possible (to do WELL) with a steamroller or heavier lawn roller. Anyway, here’s my attempt (photo at right) of rolling across the canvas (canvas on top of woodcut, all underneath protective blankets) with a lawn roller, me walking circus-bear-style (for added weight) on top.

The result was ok. The black ink was not as black as it should’ve been–definitely grey. And the front part of the hog was much darker, as I rolled over and over, back and forth numerous times. With repetitive rolling on top, you can achieve dark grey printing. The result is the banner (below) we used to announce a group show (“The Writing’s on the Wall”) that opened October 1. You can see the front part of the hog is darker than the rest, as that was rolled over and over with the lawn roller when printing.

banner on side of building shows 8ft. woodcut print of hog and title: 'The Writing's on the Wall'

Banner for our group show "The Writing's on the Wall." Hog is 8ft long and 4ft tall.