Prints for sale at Cannonball Press!

2 blocks I carved for Cannonball Press this past fall are now for sale. Check ’em out (only $20!): Bacon Brothers:

b/w woodcut by S.V. Medaris, of young pigs approaching viewer.

'Bacon Brothers' • woodcut • 18in x 24in

and Meleagris gallopavo:

b/w woodcut of giant turkey head. Text says: 'Meleagris gallopavo'

'Meleagris gallopavo' • woodcut • 18in x 24in

Buy them online at Cannonball Press. They’ll also be available at the March 2011 SGC (Southern Graphics Council) Conference in St. Louis (Cannonball Press will be at the Publisher’s Fair at SGC).

1st (of 2) blocks for Cannonball Press

woodcut of turkey head

block size=16" x 22"

That backwards writing is the scientific name for a turkey. This guy featured here is one of my Broad Breasted Bronzes from this year.

Will post block #2 shortly, then they’re sent off to Cannonball Press for printing.