Multi-color prints on letterpress

wood type and print on old letterpress 'Showcard' machineRecently we drove to an outlet mall in Illinois to get my “new” Showcard Press. That is, we arranged to meet the seller at the mall parking lot, pulled around the back, carried/lugged the press from one truck bed to the other, exchanged cash and some history about the press, then each drove away. Continue reading

Small Works at Artisan Gallery


This gallery contains 4 photos.

New work by S.V. Medaris at Artisan Gallery’s Small Works show includes “Wyandotte 13”, “GrrrKitty”, “Le Porc”, and others. Also NEW! hand-dyed, block-printed silk scarves available at Artisan as well. Show runs through Dec. 31, 2013. Continue reading

First print of the year…

(Finished in first week of January, but belated posting)

January 15, 2012

For a folio exchange called Everything Eleven (and some A/P ones will be used for my Bestiary), this one’s called:

Eleven Polish Posing

Reduction linocut of White Crested Black Polish, cock

'Eleven Polish Posing' • 3 color reduction linocut with some hand-coloring on Rives Lightweight • 14in x 4in • January 2012

(more than) 11 polish drying

He’s a White Crested Black, cockerel (under 1 year old), all grown up (he is one of my summer 2011 chicks). Quite the beauty, and not too mean as far as these fellows go. I have a bunch of young polish cocks in the barn pen, separate from the coop. When it came time to decide which polish would migrate to the coop (all the pullets and some of the cockerels), this guy was a no-brainer. Although he has about 6 or so other equally handsome brothers of the same breed, when I went to gather up some of “his” girls to take to the coop, he swooped down and tried to grab them (literally) out of my hands. He didn’t try to attack me, but rather tried to grab his girls back. I knew then that I had a good caretaker, mate for those girls, so I swooped him up too. At the very least he would look out for them and not let any of the bigger chickens pick on his girls.

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Happy birthday to me (a day of printing)….

Awesome day yesterday–got to print all day uninterrupted (thank you J!!!). Just in from studio now at 3am the next day…

1 more color to go in “Your Days Are Numbered” folio. The edition for the folio will be trimmed down to 10″ x 22″, but I printed a bunch more to be at 16″ x 22″ for a more standard size for a separate edition. Here’s some pics (one more color–black–to go). Features one of the “Fat Bastards” (Broiler or Cornish-Cross chickens raised for meat).

First off, the paper! Handmade at the paper lab at the Art Lofts this summer. I call it “Avocado Gold.” Check out the sparklies!!!:

avocado green handmade paper with gold sparkles and printed ink

And here’s the edition (some of the 50 total prints) with one more color to go (black):

prints of chicken head drying on clothes lines

And a closeup of the Fat Bastards (minus black):

woodcut of chicken head/chest

Each print is 22" x 16" woodcut print on handmade, 100% cotton rag paper. 3 of 4 colors printed here.


Last color, black, tomorrow. Will post when finished and get a moment.

Work on The Bestiary continues (Sue goes medieval)

Finished another page in the Bestiary (Bestiary/Study guide to animal taxonomy and behavior… being created for my MFA show in May, 2011). Detailed printing info follows (below). This is part of the chicken section/signature of the book (there is also a pig section, dog, turkey, cat, deer, and so forth….). All the sections in my book will have a medieval bestiary page (like this) near the front, and on this page, the text is the actual text from MS Bodley 764, a mid thirteenth century Bestiary. The images are my own creation (style closely modeled after the late Gothic style, with gold), with me taking center stage. Here I go medieval, about to axe one of my roosters:

illustration of person about to axe a chicken, done in late gothic style

Page dimensions: 14in x 14in, hand-colored (with acrylic, including the gold) lithograph (all text and black on this page is litho). Click image to enlarge.

closeup of late gothic scene of chicken about to be axed

And a closeup of the image: 8in x 6in.

Text: a gothic font face I found that was as close to the “MS Bodley 764 bestiary” font as I could get. The text sections were then printed out (with laser printer) onto Pronto Plates. Then those plates (and the murder scene, done in Sharpie on another Pronto Plate) were inked up with litho inks and printed onto good papers (Somerset, Arches…) on the Takach Press. Finally, the scene (and the drop caps) were hand-colored with Golden acrylics–gold and other colors. Pretty 21st century for a 13th center knock-off, huh?

Wallpaper and rural domesticity

The start of a new series featuring framed works on wallpaper. All printed on my Takach printing press.

fancy, baroque frame around detailed chicken portrait, all mounted on red, patterned wallpaper

'A Pattern of Rural Domesticity' • wallpaper = about 8ft x 5ft, print within baroque frame is 8x10in • all woodcut images, with tiny etching in window beside chicken image

Printing the wallpaper, block by block:
red patterned paper being printed on etching press

lino block held up for camera. Patterned wallpaper created by this block in background

The linoleum used to print the wallpaper (10in x 10in)

tiled pattern, closeup

A closeup of the pattern.... Bones and offal (intestines, feet, etc), axes...the joys and horror of processing chickens I guess.

And the chicken (Gold Laced Wyandotte, cock), a reduction woodcut, with little etching for outdoor window scene:

reduction woodcut of chicken beside window, scene outside window shows hanging, plucked chicken

7 color reduction woodcut, with etching for the little window scene

And finally, the colors used to print the chicken in the framed reduction print:

colored prints surround full-color final 7-color reduction woodcut

Reduction woodcut, 8in x 10in, with colors used at different stages