Day 2 NYC

More pics from Manhattan on day 2 of our stay…. Click on most images to enlarge:

Wed, Nov. 2, 2011

calvin the pug terrier

Our housemate (Madison's pug/terrier), Calvin...on our bed...scratching. Make yourself at home he says...

riding toys in front of store

Riding toys in front of the Kosher deli down the street from our apartment

east broadway station

"Our" station for getting uptown in morn to class

subway station at east broadway

Digital readout of the stops lets you know where you are/where you are going/if you're on the right train or not :-)

reading on the subway

Reading on the new york subway--there were at least 3 people reading ipads this morning on this train

23rd street station

Our stop: 23rd Street Station. Beautiful tiles...

The Flower District

nyc street scene with little dog and little boy

On the way to class in Manhattan

28 w. 27th st building

28 West 27th St (The Center for Book Arts)

Around the corner, Manhattan Street

Around the corner

The Hog Pit

Cool sign

To the Brooklyn Bridge!
(a walking tour)

City Hall, Manhattan

City Hall

Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall Station

Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall Station

Brooklyn Bridge start

Starting over the Brooklyn Bridge, looking back

Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge looking over to Manhattan Bridge

From Brooklyn Bridge, looking over to Manhattan Bridge

Statue of Liberty from Brooklyn Bridge

Statue of Liberty (from Brooklyn Bridge)

Statue of Liberty

Now can you see her?

Sky and wires and bridge

Everywhere you look there is great design

Back to Shore (South Street Seaport)

Brooklyn Bridge from shore

Brooklyn Bridge from shore (South Street Seaport)

Pier 17

Pier 17, South Street Seaport

Conan Balloon

Saw this a couple of times during the day. Felt like I was being followed... Click on image to enlarge if you can't read the name on the balloon.

8 months later….

Here's the (previously posted) first print of Wyatt: Engraving on acrylic plate, hand-colored with inks. 5cm x 8cm.

…the Dogs of Penland prints are hand-colored (huge sigh of relief). Sent one print of each dog off to Penland (to the dogs’ owners) on Tuesday, and will scan in my own copy of each of these colored versions soon! These are the prints I did at Penland last summer (July, 2009) in Goedele Peeters’ printmaking class.

More to come!

Wyatt, 1 of the dogs of Penland

Wyatt (below), is the first of the critters in my Dogs of Penland book. We’re doing intaglio on plastic/acrylic plates. Pretty much all drypoint. It’s great here at Penland–I can work much of the night and nobody minds. Great facilities and great atmosphere to just get some art done. :)

Wyatt, one of the great dogs of Penland

Wyatt, hand-colored intaglio, 5cm x 8cm

Goedele Peeters is our instructor and she is AMAZING! I feel so lucky to be in her class. She combines intaglio with woodcut and more. Teaching us different ways to do drypoint and combination printing that I didn’t know about before. See her work online at Goedele Peeters.