Upcoming shows: Food & Salvage (what a combination!)


red shiny cabinet decoupaged with pieces of Dog & Pony Show woodcut broadside by S.V. Medaris

Dog & Pony Show Cabinet • 14in x 7in x 4in • Salvaged materials: cabinet, thrift shop t-shirts

Opening Reception at Artisan Gallery this Friday night, April 11, 5-9pm (for multiple shows!)

Here’s the skinny on the 2 separate shows (actually, there’s 3 shows; I have work in 2 of them) at Artisan Gallery….

Artisan Gallery • 6858 Paoli Road, Paoli, Wisconsin 53508 • 608-845-6600

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This Friday Gallery Night, Madison Craft Beer Week….

Taliesin Goose, reduction woodcut on cutout wooden shape by S.V. Medaris

4ft long goose! Reduction woodcut adhered to plywood form.

This Friday, May 3 in downtown Madison, it’s Gallery Night! As part of the Taliesin show at Overture Gallery I, I’ve got 2 pieces dealing with Taliesin geese. Reception is from 6-8pm. It should be a grand event, as the whole downtown is alive with gallery-hoppers, receptions, and lots of great art!! Oh, and also this Friday is the start of the 3rd Annual Madison Craft Beer Week in Madison. Get there early for parking. I’m just sayin’….

Also, Paoli’s Artisan Gallery shows are up and I think, pretty terrific. The one in the front end of the gallery is Flora and Fauna. I’ve got the new 48in goose print (reduction print–see it here) showing (over to the left on a bright blue wall that matches the blue sky in the goose painting(!), and a cutout woodcut pig.

Then, back in The Cooler (also at Artisan Gallery), it’s the Habitat ReStore Salvage Art Show and Benefit, April 10-June 2 Check out all the salvage art made by local artists. My favorites: Michael Roberts’ Hammera (a figure made out of piano hammers, from an entire piano that Michael purchased at a thrift shop), and Fish Spoon #2 by Linda Kelen (a cold-forged, chased/repoussed white bronze spoon). I’ve got 3 small wooden cutout figures–woodcut or linocuts. See all the work that’s currently showing at the online ReStore Salvage Art show April 19th – June 2nd

2013 Habitat Restore Salvage Art Show

Opening tonight! At Artisan Gallery in Paoli, reception 5-9pm. Another show that is opening tonight here is the Flora and Fauna show (with the Taliesin Goose in previous post)

One of my favorite (and challenging) shows of the year: The Habitat Restore Salvage Art Show (See all of this year’s artwork for sale) where you have to find some repurposed item to use in your piece. This year? refurbished, upcycled old wood cedar siding (from our old house in Stoughton). Glued then varnished on top with old, imperfect (slated for recycling) woodcuts from past editions (because you know there’s always imperfect woodcuts lying around waiting to be recyled!). Here’s three pieces you’ll see at Artisan Gallery‘s opening reception tonight:

calavera, ratoncito, woodcut, upcycled

‘Calavera Ratoncito’ for Habitat Restore Salvage Show. About 9in tall, hand-colored woodcut on French’s paper, adhered to old, repurposed cedar ciding.

bulldog, reduction woodcut, upcycled

‘Wooden Bulldog’ for Habitat Restore Salvage Show. About 8in tall, reduction woodcut on mulberry paper, adhered to old, repurposed cedar ciding.

circus dog, reduction woodcut, upcycled

‘Wooden Circus Dog’ for Habitat Restore Salvage Show. About 12in tall, reduction woodcut on Arches Cover, adhered to old, repurposed cedar ciding.

And here is Habitat ReStore’s statement about the show. Pretty cool, huh?:
The purpose of this show is to create a community event where artists and gallery owners can collaborate and to raise money for Habitat for Humanity of Dane County and to re-purpose another person’s junk into amazing works of art. This event saves items from the landfill and gives artists and gallery owners an opportunity to network with one another and the community.