Carcasses on display in Midtown Manhattan


The Big Picture Show

Showing now in NYC: This exhibit shows a selection of large prints that have been included in New Prints shows at International Print Center, New York. Currently,the Carcasses from the Meat Locker are hanging under lights, in a fancy-shmancy gallery in midtown Manhattan. What a trip! Showing now through Dec. 5th.

More at IPCNY on Tour: Big Picture Show

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The Carcasses are back in NYC!


IPCNY on Tour: Big Picture Show

woodcut printed hog carcasses adhered to insulation foam board

Carcasses (from the Meat Locker) • 8ft x 3ft (each) • woodcut prints on masa, adhered to painted insulation foam board, hardware

OPENING RECEPTION: September 8th, 2014
ON VIEW: September 8th – December 5th, 2014

From IPCNY (International Print Center New York): Big Picture Show, on view at 1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery in midtown, presents thirty large-scale contemporary prints by artists originally shown at IPCNY in New Prints exhibitions.

Carcasses (from the Meat Locker) is one of those pieces.

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What an amazing place! I’ve never been before. When I found out my woodcut carcasses got into IPCNY’s New Prints/Autumn 2011 exhibit (see Press Release), decided it would be a great opportunity to see this city, take a leather bookbinding class at The Center for Book Arts, go to the opening to see my installation, and try to see as much of the city (Manhattan) as possible. It wouldn’t have been possible without my friend Alicia enthusiastically agreeing to be my guide and help teach me how to get around the city. She found a room in an apt. on the lower east side, and every morning we head out walking and taking the subway to my class in Chelsea. Then, while I take the class, she heads out to see her list of things to do. At 3 Alicia picks me up and off we go to see the city. Mostly on foot, but subway too, especially by nighttime…

So here’s a visual diary of Day 1 in the Big Apple (click any photo to enlarge somewhat):

Day 1, Nov. 1, 2011:
We leave our apartment around 7:30am, and walk down the street…

windows in red brick building

Our apartment on Grand Street, above the Restaurant: El Castillo de Jagua

…to The Doughnut Plant!

car parked in front of low red building with store sign reading 'The Doughnut Plant'

Just down the street from our apartment. How convenient for breakfast!

donuts under glass case, labelled

Amazing flavors!

up close doughnuts

Drooling yet?

donut in square shape

Just a normal square donut, right?

donut with bites taken out of it

Wrong! It's jelly-filled all the way around!!

looking down the subway tunnel

Going to class (uptown) from our apartment on the Lower East Side

Near my class in Midtown/Chelsea: Flatiron

Empire State Building against blue sky

The Empire State Building from Chelsea

arch and skyscrapers behind fountain

Washington Square Park

Bulldog and pug site on ground beside owners

Some of the great personalities we watched at this great dog park near Washington Square.

big black and white great dane near fence

This guy was huge! And very gentle--and patient with the not-so-mild-mannered little crazy dogs...

A line of brownstones

Brownstones near Greenwich Village

storefront with manniquins and red hearts

West Village storefront

cars parked up in air in open-air structure

We couldn't figure out how those cars got up in that "parking ramp." Nice signs too, huh?

cookies in storefront window

Pretty awesome-looking cookies, huh? Amazingly we didn't stop

outside of building hangs a sign with skull on it, advertising The Evolution Store

The Evolution Store in Soho. Most awesome store....ever.

store filled with taxidermied animals, skulls, et

Stuffed peacocks??!!? And so much more....skulls, many taxidermied animals (including rats). Check them out. They're online at The Evolution Store

taxidermied piranhas with fake eyes for sale

...and man-eating piranhas...

taxidermied rats of various fur color

...and of course, freeze-dried rats!!!

My favorite part of Chinatown are the storefront or outdoor markets. Here’s some pics:

fruit stand on sidewalk with lights on at night

Nightime fruit stands....

roasted ducks strung up in display window

I love that ducks and chickens are sold/displayed wtth heads still on. You know what your's eating here..

red lobster await purchase

More from the meat market

And we ended the night at Katz’s Deli (in the ‘When Harry Met Sally’ movie). Great visuals and the best reuben ever….

neon sign reads: Katz's delicatessen

The famous Katz's Deli

cook assembles giant sandwich. Sausages in background

Did you know you can have one of Katz's salamis shipped directly to you? Check out their website (

giant 1/2 of a reuben sandwich

Like I said, the BEST REUBEN EVER.

The carcasses are going to NYC!!

street signs say "Destination Chelsea"The email said:
IPCNY is thrilled to notify you that Carcasses from “The Meat Locker” has been selected for New Prints 2011/Autumn, our 40th New Prints show. Congratulations! I am attaching an image to confirm the selection….

8ft long carcasses from 'The Meat Locker' an installation featured in May, 2011 MFA show: 'Pattern to Processing.' Woodcuts on masa, adhered to painted styrofoam insulation panels.

I can’t believe it. I never thought I would make the cut…. The message on their website earlier apologized for the delay in notifications because they’d received over 2,500 submissions(!)–the deadline for sending submissions was August 1, and we still hadn’t heard any results by the end of the month. Total bummer with those odds–I figured there was no way, since typically less than 50 artists are accepted for the show.

Just about went crazy when I found out. Of course the timing was perfect. Rules were that the work submitted had to have been created within 1 year of submission date. Just so happens, my MFA show (and the 8ft carcasses) were finished in May, 2011, so they fit easily within the time limits. And typically, I wouldn’t have been carving/printing 8ft carcasses for a non-MFA gallery show at (Artisan Gallery), since they’re not really commercially viable.** But for New York, for IPCNY’s “new prints” they were perfect. Here’s their mission statement for the New Prints Program:

International Print Center New York’s New Prints Program was created to bring artists’ prints of the highest quality from the widest possible range of sources to the attention of the viewing public. By establishing this unique and ongoing forum for exhibiting prints by artists at all stages of their careers, IPCNY continues its work to enlarge audiences for the visual arts.

Now, I need to figure out how to crate up these four 8ft carcasses. Getting advice thankfully from some curators and carpenters….

**Ironically though, I just might be showing something related at Artisan next June, 2012, in the form of a life-size tunnel book. Stay tuned!