Quality Control–you know you want it.

little terrier, trots away from viewer. Squirt by S.V. MedarisThe print that is!

Available at our Spring Art Tour site for only $15. See the whole poster, below. Detail of little Squirt at right. (BUY POSTER NOW)

This is a fundraiser for our Spring Art Tour. You can support our nonprofit group MHAAA (Mount Horeb Area Arts Association)–that pays for advertising (to promote the tour), a yearly art scholarship for a local high school student, and basically allows us to hold this Mount Horeb Area Spring Art Tour every year–just by purchasing this scene from a little dairy barn near Blanchardville.

The dog is Squirt, and she IS quality control for this farm. At milking time, she can be found trotting up and down the aisles, keeping all the girls in line while they’re being milked. If anybody’s out of line, she nimbly jumps up and nips them on the nose. All the girls watch her with eagle eyes as she trots by. When milking is over, the farmer goes and opens the door, and Squirt runs around and gets them all moving. She gets the first one to go out, then dances to and fro, herding every last cow out of that barn. The farmer just holds the door open. Don’t you wish your terrier was this well-trained??!! I do.

Quality Control was originally a 6ft x 5ft oil painting, done for a solo show The Lives of Farm Dogs, in 2005. It was easily the most popular painting of this sold-out (well except for Not From Around Here) show. The poster is a standard 16in x 20in size, which will fit into any 16x20in frame you can pick up inexpensively at Hobby Lobby, Lynn’s of Madison, or any of those big box stores that I don’t want to name but that sell everything really cheap.

Go get the Quality Control poster here!

poster features scene inside of dairy barn with cows and little terrier by S.V. Medaris

Our Spring Art Tour poster features Quality Control, originally a 6ft x 5ft oil painting on canvas. The poster sells for $15 and measures a handy 16in x 20in. (click poster to see it in detail)

Mount Horeb Area Spring Art Tour this Fri, Sat, Sun!

Weekend Schedule for Sue:

1 of 5 new cards available this weekend

Friday: Cutting 2 new blocks. Printing a new (Dexter) tee by end of day.

Saturday: Cutting and printing 2 new reduction relief blocks.

Sunday: 1st of 2 blocks should be nearing completion.

5 new card designs

Both hard and soft cover versions of CLUCK: From Jungle Fowl to City Chicks is also available.

The Mount Horeb Spring Art Tour

Now in it’s 5th year, the Spring Art Tour features 21 artists who will open their studios to the public for 3 days in June. This year the open studio event is June 10, 11, 12 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), 10-5 daily.

Open daily 10-5

Spring Art Tour schedule is up

The Mount Horeb Area Spring Art Tour is this weekend! If you want general information, including maps, list of artists, etc., please go to MHAAA web site.

If you want to know what’s going on at my studio during the tour, go to S.V. Medaris’ 2010 Spring Art Tour page (or just click on Spring Art Tour tab above). Schedule of demos and what I’m working on is listed there. Hope you can make it!

Painted, fiberglass cow by S.V. Medaris looks out over hilltop in late afternoon

Cowtography cow on top of hilltop greets visitors to the farm studio