Before and After (berries to pie)

All the rain we had this spring and early summer has made it an amazing year for mulberries. Finally got around to taking the truck around the perimeter of the farm and climbed on top to gather the best berries. What a treat.

top photo: red and purple mulberries. Bottom photo: golden pie with slice removed, dark berry filling

CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE. Mulberry rhubarb pie with mulberries from our trees, rhubarb from Galpaca Farm next door, and lard in the crust from our hogs. Yum.

A short strawberry season

Strawberries close-upJune 14, 2pm. Work done for day, so I decide to see when I’m going to go strawberry picking this year. Looking online at the various Pick-Your-Own places and I see

….they’re all done for the season!!

Since it was so hot so early this year, everything (including strawberries) reached maturity early and didn’t last for long. I check Appleberry Farm which is near us in Cross Plains, and the site said to call for daily schedule…. The recording said:

“The last picking of the season will be Thursday, June 14, starting at 4:30 pm and going until the berries are gone….”

Holy smokes!!!

Anyway, got there right at 4:30p, and although small, there were plenty to pick. Here’s what I picked in just less than an hour (6 quarts):

6 qts strawberries just picked

Just picked!

That night, I washed, measured, bagged and froze much of them to use in recipes throughout summer. The rest of them would be made into Strawberry Rhubarb Cream Pies!

Next day I finally got around to making pie. Crust uses lard from last season’s hogs (of course).

Making Strawberry Rhubarb Cream Pie

The various stages. Clockwise from top left: pie filled and crusts in place, filled and waiting for top crust, crust being rolled out.


I always feel good when I get to use ingredients from animals I raise (or fruit or veggies that I grow and/or pick) in dishes we like to eat. J loves pie, and I have to admit, this recipe is pretty awesome. I’ll try to post it sometime. Here’s the finished product:

2 pies

Fresh, hot pies from the oven. Click on image to see them up close, if you’re not too hungry…

slice of pie

Here you go hon…