First 48in reduction woodcut


I finally chucked another worry out the window and went for it–a block as big as my (Takach Press) press bed (30 inches x 48 inches), and a reduction woodblock at that (meaning, if it doesn’t work…if I can’t register it at that big a paper size, with even one of the colors, then the whole edition is shot…). But it worked!!!

woodcut by S.V. Medaris of Canadian goose with Taliesin hillside in background. Green hill, blue sky

‘Taliesin Goose’ by S.V. Medaris, Reduction woodcut, 30in x 48in • Now showing at Artisan Gallery. See it at the opening reception for ‘Flora and Fauna’ this Friday night (April 19), 5-9pm. Click on goose to enlarge it.

And a close up:
Close up of print: a goose face (woodcut by S.V. Medaris), on green background, with blue sky and Taliesin in tree line

A close-up of the 5-color (plus white) reduction block. That’s Taliesin up on the hillside. Click on goose to enlarge it.

For one of the prints, I cut out the goose and adhered it to a plywood cut-out form. Varnish. Attach french cleats to back, and voilá a floating goose. No pics yet, but it’s showing now at Overture Center’s Gallery I: 60 days at Taliesin…. Opening reception May 3, 2013, gallery night!

The Amazing Dancing Dog!

Dexter as circus dog, in style of old-fashioned circus poster

Dexter does it again. Isn’t he just AMAZING!?!!?? More so with all caps, right?

Dexter did it again. Pose that is.

Another folio exchange, this one with the theme “Circus, Circus” so of course I had to do this little circus dog, and then modeled it after old circus posters somewhat. Circus World in Baraboo (and those fantastic old posters) remains an inspiration to me, since childhood. I got over my fear of clowns doing this one–looking at just tons of old clown photos till they didn’t look scary anymore–yeah! Happy day!! I think this clown still looks somewhat ominous, but it had to be dark and simply-rendered to show off my little star in the foreground.

The photo shoot was pretty funny–Dexter did a lot of “dancing” for cheese…. I bet he thought he’d died and gone to heaven.

The Amazing Dancing Dog
– Reduction woodcut on Arches cover
– 23in x 8 1/2in

This was for sale at Artisan Gallery, but it (along with other ones I took for the Small Works show earlier this month) sold rather quickly. I will frame up another at some point soon, and get it to Artisan, but have to get that cow finished first!

NOTE: No animals were harmed in the posing/making of this print. Spoiled, yes; hurt, no.

Badass Broiler woodcut done

Drying as we speak (or “curing” since this is oil-based ink which is already dry to the touch….), this 4 color reduction woodcut is printed on handmade paper I made in June. It’s 100% cotton, pigmented rag paper (with added sparklies). Closeup at bottom shows the gold sparkling through…..

Your Days are Numbered Cornish Cock!

large bust of broiler chicken

'Your Days are Numbered Cornish Cock!' * 22in x 16in * 4 color reduction woodcut on handmade paper (click to enlarge)

This is a Cornish cock or Broiler or Cornish Cross. The breed is raised for meat.

The print was made for a folio exchange entitled “Your Days Are Numbered.” (how perfect is that for my seasonal practice of raising animals for meat??!!? Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity). Actually, for the folio they are cropped down to 10in wide, which makes the rooster seem even bigger still (unable to fit into the scene’s dimensions). 22 of the 49 prints were sent off to the folio, and the other 27 I will have available to sell as is (16in x 22in).

Typically, growers butcher these guys at about 8 weeks old. I like ’em mature, so I let them grow till they’re ginormous and each one dresses out at about 12 lbs. or so. This way, one chicken can be made into various dishes, and frozen, to feed us for over one week.

woodcut prints of giant chicken drying on line

closeup of cotton rag green handmade paper with sparkling gold flecks

click to enlarge

And here’s the final closeup of the Avocado Gold paper that I love. See how it sparkles and how the black ink looks exactly like what it comes from: petroleum distillates….

Oh, and when looking up to see how to spell badass, I came across these awesome definitions of the word at the Urban Dictionary.

Monster Turkeys

New print for a folio exchange called “Little Big Monsters.” This print shows the little, cute turkey poults and then the big monstrous toms they grow into. Click any image to see larger:

print of little turkey poults at bottom, big, fully grown toms at top

20in x 16in, 5-color reduction woodcut, with litho baby turkey poults

And the poults in detail:

closeup of turkey poults

Turkey poults (the dark line drawing) was done with lithography, then all the color layers of woodcut were printed over the top of the litho.

Cutting for turquoise blue after printing the blue:

cutting wood block after 3 layers of color

The print so far (in background), and cutting for the blue (foreround). Block is about 24in x 24in--birch plywood

Some of the final edition, hanging to dry. All printed on mulberry and some on masa. Final count: 31 prints plus some others printed on different size papers for inclusion in upcoming artists’ “Bestiary” book.

prints hang drying on clothesline

some of the final prints. Color seps partially visible at far left (5 colors: yellow ochre, turquoise, red, green, black)