Printmaking serendipity=new transfer technique

Super psyched… Accidentally printed a linoblock on pressbed, and discovered simple way to recreate new block from old. I’ve always transferred block print to acetate or similar before transferring the print onto another block (this is so I have a backup block in case the original block breaks down–like if ur printing 100 t-shirts….).

This transfer to pressbed instead of acetate is way better. Photo below shows process of each print–each one went thru the press one by one (right to left)–1.)right/original block, 2.)print on plexi/pressbed, 3.) print onto new block of lino (placed it face down over the pressbed print and ran thru press).

Can show each step (got photos), but will do later–have to clean the pressbed!
GrrrKitty transfer

(Oh yeah, and I’d have 2 carve the lino after image is transferred, but that’s the easy part)

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1st printing

1st printing on new Takach press:

lifting woodcut block off of t-shirt

Woodcut block printed on t-shirts (and canvas) for collaborative project by Drive By Press. See Drive By Press’ photostream on Flickr.

And the finished shirt!

blue shirt with cow skull

This technique (carving into MDF, printing onto t-shirts with etching press) was taught by Joseph Velasquez of Drive By Press. Thank you Joseph! Also been printing on canvas (same design) for a collaborative project to be presented by Drive By at the SGC Conference (Southern Graphics Council) this March in Philadelphia. It’s why the block was cut in the first place–for this Drive By “tribute.”