Big blocks, little dogs.

As the big blocks and prints multiply, the dogs seem to be growing smaller.

2 little dogs about to be stepped on by giant chicken. Hanging woodcut carcass to their right.

(click image to enlarge) Giant chicken about to crush 2 tiny dogs

A new block–that big guy on the right. Going to try to get it done within 1 week’s time–kind of need to. Wish me luck ;-)

(Hanging on the left is one of the finished carcasses, just completed this weekend. This is one of a group that will be in an installation at the “From Pattern to Processing” show opening reception May 7th)

The giant chicken print will be one of many Beastly Prints in our 3-person show (Briony Morrow-Cribbs, Patrick Smyzcek, and me) at the Overture (reception May 6th).

woman stands on stools to carve near the top of an 8ft plywood wood block

The carving begins (click to enlarge)

This is one way to carve an 8ft tall birch plywood block (at right).

Why a red block?
If you’ll notice, around the perimeter of the rooster’s head, you can see the bare wood showing through–that’s where I’ve cut. If I don’t color the block beforehand, I have a hard time seeing clearly where I’ve cut.

The process: 
1.) Draw image onto 4x8ft birch plywood block with brush and waterproof drawing ink. Let dry thoroughly.
2.) Mix up a thin wash of acrylic (any color you want that’s transparent and obviously not wood color nor black) and water, and brush lightly over the whole board. Let dry thoroughly.
3.) Coat entire board with thin layer of shellac. This coats the board, sealing it somewhat, which will make the cuts sharper/cleaner and will keep the ink from soaking into the wood too much when it’s time to ink and print the block.

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