The Carcasses are back in NYC!

IPCNY on Tour: Big Picture Show

woodcut printed hog carcasses adhered to insulation foam board

Carcasses (from the Meat Locker) • 8ft x 3ft (each) • woodcut prints on masa, adhered to painted insulation foam board, hardware

OPENING RECEPTION: September 8th, 2014
ON VIEW: September 8th – December 5th, 2014

From IPCNY (International Print Center New York): Big Picture Show, on view at 1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery in midtown, presents thirty large-scale contemporary prints by artists originally shown at IPCNY in New Prints exhibitions.

Carcasses (from the Meat Locker) is one of those pieces.

“We’d rather you shipped a 2ft x 2ft box of bricks…”

It’s the 2nd time they’ve shipped to NYC, and boy is it an ordeal(!) mostly because each carcass measures 8ft in length (x about 3ft in width), so they’re too big for regular shipping rates–they have to go freight. First of all, they weigh almost nothing, so you’d think they’d be cheap to ship, right? Wrong! You actually get penalized (charged more) if you ship something really big that doesn’t weigh much. I guess the mentality is that it’s taking up space where more, heavier things could fit. Understand? Me neither. Freight dispatcher told me: “We’d rather you shipped a 2ft x 2ft box of bricks than your 8ft+ box that weighs less than 60lbs.”

Next time?

Go with a different shipper than this time.

The steps shown in making of a woodcut printed hanging carcass, with pink foam board on left, and prints on right

The making of a woodcut-printed, 8ft, hanging hog carcass….

I’m not going to badmouth/name the company, but suffice it to say…do your research and ask up front if they are going to be able to send a straight truck (and not a semi–which drivers don’t like to drive down our roundabout). If the person you’re talking to doesn’t understand what that is, ask to speak to somebody else, or the actual shipping company. I waited 3 days for a pickup until I called (again) and found out…oh they don’t have any straight trucks to send out here. Ugh. Ended up driving the shipment to the nearest terminal myself! Next time, just do that–find out where the nearest terminal is, throw your box in the back of the truck and drive it there yourself.

At one point in the week-long ordeal of the box not shipping, James and I almost took a little roadtrip to NY…

Good news is…they arrived! Today!! So all is good. Wish I could see the show. It sounds like it’s going to be wonderful. Read about the Big Picture Show at IPCNY’s site

2 thoughts on “The Carcasses are back in NYC!

  1. Shipping rates (and having to use an agent) has kept me from entering the big pastel show in NY each year. Simply can’t afford to spend over $500 on shipping to and from a show. Maybe we need to find someone who regularly drives back and forth to NYC!

    • Oh man, that’s so crazy Kay! I sympathize. I did have to budget big time to be able to have my carcasses get shipped to the show. You have to sell art to make and show art! I’m not sure non-artists get that… and in these cases you have to sell a LOT.

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