In Dog Years, exhibit opens tonight!

panoramic view of gallery featuring 8ft goat, 6ft chicen and various paintings and relief prints

‘In Dog Years’ at Artisan Gallery through December 2014

Finally, a return to painting with this solo show opening tonight! ( Friday, Nov. 7, 2014, 5-9 pm, Artisan Gallery, Paoli)

Great Pyrenees stands on hill looking to the west and the setting sun

“The Night Shift Begins,” oil on panel, 30in x 42in (this one sold on Wed, but other paintings are available)

As some of you know, I stopped painting in 2008 when I went to grad school to learn (and completely focus on) printmaking (relief or block printing)….

oil painting by S.V. Medaris of mama Berkshire sow nursing many piglets

‘Quality Production,’ oil on panel, 38in x 48in.

oil painting by S.V. Medaris of 2 side-lit bulldogs

‘Guardians at the Gates (Avon Locker Plant, LLC),’ oil on panel, 32in x 56in

Now,  after MFA and MA shows, various projects and installations, I’m devoting myself to both printmaking and oils. I’d forgotten how immediate painting is, as well as the ability to express volume, rich color and dramatic lighting.

oil painting by S.V. Medaris of 2 cats, one black and one white and orange, keep watch beside a garden of giant spinach

“The Green Guard (On High Alert)” oil on panel, 16in x 28in

2 little oil paintings of little dogs in black ornate frames

‘Dexter and the Very Big Stick’ (I and II), oil on panel, each 11x13in (framed), and are available now at Artisan Gallery, Paoli. Read the story behind Dexter and that stick

So, come see the latest work, paintings and prints, including the 5ft woodblock “Chicken Pot Pie.”

Opening Reception: Friday, Nov. 7, 5-9 pm, Artisan Gallery, Paoli. Show runs until December 31, 2014.

2 thoughts on “In Dog Years, exhibit opens tonight!

    • Thanks so much Patricia! That means so much coming from you! I think about things I learned in your class everyday…as I watch the cats take their time trying to “safely” kill a mouse; watching/listening to the coyotes and seeing similarities in our dogs’ pack mentality; seeing the dogs’ actions/behavior for what they are–through animal-centric vs anthropocentric point of view. Just fascinating stuff!! So grateful for your teachings. Thank you.

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