Wyatt, 1 of the dogs of Penland

Wyatt (below), is the first of the critters in my Dogs of Penland book. We’re doing intaglio on plastic/acrylic plates. Pretty much all drypoint. It’s great here at Penland–I can work much of the night and nobody minds. Great facilities and great atmosphere to just get some art done. :)

Wyatt, one of the great dogs of Penland

Wyatt, hand-colored intaglio, 5cm x 8cm

Goedele Peeters is our instructor and she is AMAZING! I feel so lucky to be in her class. She combines intaglio with woodcut and more. Teaching us different ways to do drypoint and combination printing that I didn’t know about before. See her work online at Goedele Peeters.

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